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7 of the most Instagrammable places in Cornwall

7 of the most Instagrammable places in Cornwall

Crystal clear waters. Unbroken stretches of soft sand. Glowing sunsets that warm the last of the Summer sky. Maldives? Bali? Spain, even? No, Cornwall!

The UK’s paradise peninsula overflows all year-round with picture perfect views worthy of every meticulously crafted Instagram grid.

From dramatic clifftops to shimmering shorelines, Cornwall is awash with Instagrammable places that’ll get even the frugalist of likers double tapping on your pics.

So, where are the most Instagrammable places in Cornwall?

You’ve seen Lands’ End flooded with colour at sunrise, the imposing stature of St Michael’s Mount seemingly stranded in both time and location, and St Ives idyllic harbour with its many picture-perfect spots alluring to professional and amateur photographers alike.

There’s good reason why these locations are on many top ten lists of the most Instagrammable places in Cornwall, they’re undeniably stunning. But if you’re looking for something a little different to spice up your home feed then read on.


Bodmin Moor

 As opposed to those shoreline snaps you’re probably iching to capture – we’ll get to those soon – let’s start inland with Bodmin Moor.

This Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty offers a contrasting canvas with bleak yet beautiful surroundings that are unparallel in person and in those all-important photos.

The diversity and vastness of this moorland makes it one of the most Instagrammable places in Cornwall.  Whether you’re hunting for a historic Bronze Age hut circle or want to capture the heathered landscape touching the horizon, you’ll be able to snap that perfect shot with minimal crowds. Being so vast means there’s almost an infinite amount of Instagram worthy locations across Bodmin Moor and enough space for everyone to enjoy the views without overcrowding or queuing.


Gwithian Beach

Think Fistral Beach without the crowds. Of course, like most beaches in Cornwall, Gwithian’s charm and beauty doesn’t go unnoticed in the Summer, with many surfers, paddlers and sandcastle builders setting up camp on the sandy shore. However, is it subject to the same intense over-crowding we see year on year at other Instagrammable Cornwall hotspots? No.

But you’re not here for the surf or sand, you’re poised with your camera and waiting for that Instagrammable shot to arise.

For Gwithian Beach, although known for its long stretch of golden sand, we’d recommend casting your lens towards the natural rock pools. Capture the shallow water shimmering in the sun, the limpets clinging to the rocks, battered by the tide but holding strong or perhaps a candid shot of your loved one taking a refreshing paddle. There are plenty of ways to showcase these natural pools, no filter needed.  


Stippy Stappy

We hear you - what’s so Instagrammable about some cottages? Well, these aren’t just your regular cottages, no no no, Stippy Stappy is a steep terrace of beautiful cottages perfectly placed as one of the most Instagrammable places in Cornwall.

It’s definitely one of those places that’s hard to fully give just to unless you’ve been there or seen it, but trust us, its beauty and nostalgic charm shines through in person and pictures. Would we have included it in this blog if it didn’t?

The Grade II Listed 18th century cottages are complimented by rolling green hills. Think timeless beauty and unrivalled #CottageCore.  

For a carousel post, why not venture down the winding path where a labyrinth of coves, a picturesque harbour and the town of St Agnes awaits your expert shot.


Lantic Bay

Here you can let your seaside dreams run wild. Go free, take that beach picture you’ve been itching to post with #beachlife as the caption.

Nestled between Fowey and Polperro, Lantic Bay is on Cornwall’s prime Southern coastline and its remote setting makes it one of the most Instagrammable places in Cornwall. Without a nearby car park, Lantic Bay is spared crowds of tourists in the Summer, allowing you the time and space to get as many beachy Instagram pics as your heart (and Insta feed) desires.

Whether you’re down on the beach capturing the waves rolling onto the sand, or bracing the clifftop winds for a panoramic picture, the vast oasis of Cornwall’s big blue will certainly add a splash to your Instagram grid. 


Menacuddle Holy Well

For our fifth most in Cornwall, we’re heading back to St Austell – what a photogenic place!

Manacuddle is a historic site with a holy well and wooded area built in the 15th century and restored after the first World War. The site has a rich history, dating back to Celtic times where the river provided drinking water to the local settlement and was said to have magical healing powers.

This woodland is an Autumnal paradise. The trees glowing with fiery leaves, and mossy walls offer a warm backdrop for any candid or couples photo. Don’t forget to visit the waterfall, whether you plan on taking a photo or not, it’s a must see!


Bedruthan Steps

Perhaps one of Cornwall’s better known beaches, the area offers stunning views even before you reach the steps. The coastal road towards Bedruthan has unbroken sea views. With plenty of places to safely pull over, you can storm watch on blustery days as waves crash into the cliffs or marvel at the glass-like stillness of the water on Summer mornings.

It’s the breath-taking sunsets here that makes this one of the most Instagrammable places in Cornwall. As the sun sinks it casts a spectrum of warm colours across the water and sky. Capture the moment to share with your friends and family or take the time to savour the moment without any picture pressure.


Penzance Harbour 

Instagram posts don’t always have to be people-less pictures of landscapes, sunsets and beaches, why not bring your photos alive with the hustle and bustle of daily life? And there’s nowhere better to capture this than at a thriving harbour such as Penzance.

Home to both recreational and working vessels, there’s a huge mixture of aesthetics and Instagrammable places to capture, both by the water and within the town.

Pictures, posing and posting is tiring work. Why not recharge your body (and camera) at Hotel Penzance? This prime location gives you the perfect opportunity to experience the early morning stillness of the town and harbour through to the lively ambiance of the evening. With a scrumptious seafood restaurant and stunning sea views, you can capture Insta worthy shots from your bedroom window.