Hotel Penzance, Briton's Hill, Penzance, Cornwall

Permanent exhibition of John Tremaine Wildlife artist

Cornish artist Jon Tremaine creates amazing pen and ink composite of art that defies definition. His drawings are an amalgam of images, wildlife and flora entwine adding intrigue to this beautiful art form.

‘My picture in picture art is created using an Isograph pen charged with Indian ink, this has the finest .10mm nib; it affords me to draw with great precision. I often use a method called pointillism; this is where thousands of tiny dots of ink are applied in varying density to create depth and realism. My drawings evolve slowly, sittings are normally between two and four hours. The popular otter picture took 88 hours to complete, the brown trout within it took more than two hours to draw.

Drawing for me is a time of relaxation, it holds excitement too along with the realisation of the pleasure’s it will give to others. The abstract and flora content very often derive from my own artistic interpretation.

My art has been featured in many regional editorials and internationally distributed magazines such as Wildscape. I am a signature member of world renowned Artist for Conservation and a member of the wildlife trust. My work has travelled to many countries including: Australia, Canada, Germany and Holland.’