Hotel Penzance, Briton's Hill, Penzance, Cornwall

Samvado Wood Stone Metal Sculpture

Samvado Wood Stone Metal  Sculptor

Wandering in the Cornish landscape , finding wood and stone abundantly available my work is to create simple forms to represent Nature and natural energy. Woodturning and carving reveal life’s tide line in the grain of wood. This is how life has written the story of its growing, in one place in all weather.  Anyone may find themselves in tune with a tree, our simplest and oldest door to Nature, our close companion since the Stick and Stone age.

The energy of Nature in the thrust of earth is seen in  Cornwall’s  rock formations of serpentine and granite, cooled and hardened to the ground beneath our feet. Stone carving is slower work yet these shapes remind that  earth can move, was once liquid, cracking cooling, grinding surfaces under enormous pressure, the landscape we can easily see into on the coast of Cornwall where the sea eats at the land. Serpentine has been worked on the Lizard for many years, for decorative purposes, and may be hard and soft, often in one piece of stone.


Visitors are welcome at Wood Studio on the Lizard, Cornwall for a feast of work for house and garden, hundreds of pieces for sale, or you may commission your own.