West Cornwall is well-known as a magnet for artists and both nearby Newlyn and St. Ives have long-standing reputations as centres for world-class art. The Hotel Penzance and The Bay Restaurant have a permanent exhibition featuring the work of local wildlife artist Jon Tremaine. All artwork is available for sale along with additional prints and wildlife cards from our reception.

Permanent exhibition of John Tremaine Wildlife artist

Cornish artist Jon Tremaine creates amazing pen and ink composite of art that defies definition. His drawings are an amalgam of images, wildlife and flora entwine adding intrigue to this beautiful art form. ‘My picture in picture art is created using an Isograph pen charged with Indian ink, this has the finest .10mm nib; it affords me to draw with great precision. I often use a method called pointillism; this is where thousands of tiny dots of ink are applied in varying density to create d
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Samvado Wood Stone Metal Sculpture

Samvado Wood Stone Metal  Sculptor Wandering in the Cornish landscape , finding wood and stone abundantly available my work is to create simple forms to represent Nature and natural energy. Woodturning and carving reveal life’s tide line in the grain of wood. This is how life has written the story of its growing, in one place in all weather.  Anyone may find themselves in tune with a tree, our simplest and oldest door to Nature, our close companion since the Stick and Stone age. The energy of Na
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