Cornwall in the Winter – Why It’s Always Worth the Trip

Outside of Christmas, it might feel like there’s little to a Cornish winter getaway. But as the locals – and those in the know – will tell you, there are scarcely more magical times to get lost in Penzance and the rest of the county.

Golowan Festival in Penzance

Of course, you might have to dodge the occasional shower or two – this is Cornwall in the Winter, after all – but there are plenty of rewards for those willing to pack a ‘just-in-case’ umbrella.

For those who enjoy a more active pursuit, winter is when Cornwall’s moorlands are at their best – especially first thing in the morning. A frosted carpet will await walkers who are taking one of the world-famous trails or paths across the countryside, on many mornings in January and February.

And whilst likely to be blustery, the famous Cornish coast still has it’s charms in winter. If you’re the type that likes to be inspired, there are few things more stirring than watching giant Atlantic waves crash against harbour walls in towns and coastal cliffs along the beach.

For those who find there mere thought of a walk exhausting, there are plenty more leisurely pursuits in every town. Almost every pub you can walk into will have a fine selection of ales and food on offer, and if the idea of a hot chocolate in front of a wood burning fire doesn’t warm you up – we’re not sure what will!

Of course, just because the beaches are ‘out of season’, it doesn’t mean all the other cultural marvels that Penzance and the rest of Cornwall are known for shut down during the winter months.

There’s still an array of award-winning local artists galleries – as well as some more well-known names -  as well as Michelin-starred restaurants. There’s also Tudor castles, Victorian stately homes, unforgettable museums and ancient stone structures for those who like their culture to have a certain timeless quality.

Finally, there can’t be enough said about the charm of Cornwall whilst the days are still short. Strolling narrow streets in coastal villages, whilst the lights from shops and pubs still bathe the cobbles orange is a truly evocative experience, and will make you feel like you could be two hundred years in the past, or indeed, the future. Such is the nature of Cornwall in the Winter.