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Your Holidays - Cornwall or Corsica?

Your Holidays - Cornwall or Corsica?

Your Holidays - Cornwall or Corsica?

It’s that time of year. The gloom that comes after the festive season is only matched by even gloomier weather and short days. Which is why thoughts fly so willingly to summer. And as they do, the question of whether to holiday at home or abroad crops up. So here are our thoughts on why we think picking Cornwall over Corsica is the best way to go.


Why holiday in Cornwall, not Corsica (or Cadiz or Capri)

Before we go any further, we should stress, we’ve nothing against Corsica. At all. We’re just using the French island anchored in the Med as a shorthand for any European break. It might be Cadiz, Capri or anywhere else - what are the advantages of securing a fabulous holiday in Cornwall, rather than trying to head abroad?


Turquoise waters

Among the reasons we at Hotel Penzance love to fly the Cornish (or St Piran’s) flag is the gin-clear waters of our gorgeous shore. People often think the photos guests share of local beaches have been snapped in the Mediterranean, with their pristine white sand and azure seas. Except here you can hunt out secluded coves and long, deserted sandy beaches - all free to access - too. Exploring nearby Porthcurno at low tide and hiking to remote Nanjizal Beach make for memorable days out indeed.


Lush light

The quality of light in Cornwall is famous - it drew the painters of the Newlyn School to the area back in the 1880s. And it enhances a visit for countless holidaymakers today. We may not quite know why, but views here look different - something about the land and sea scapes are somehow enhanced. Experts say its to do with the geography - light bounces off the bright white-gold sand and reflects off the sea. Whitewashed buildings and crushed sea shells add to the effect. Whatever the science, West Cornwall is a stunning place to explore.


Eco benefits  

By holidaying closer to home in 2022, you’re also being kinder to the environment. Lots of factors contribute to the overall picture of which modes of transport are more environmentally friendly. But the simple message from eco-aware organisations, such as the World Wide Fund For Nature, is to choose a holiday destination closer to home, and avoid flying there. Avoiding short haul flights (under 500km), for example to Europe, is a particularly good idea. So basic geography means for Brits, a plane-free trip to Cornwall is likely to beat a journey to any other European destination.


A safer bet

With an unpredictable international situation, staycationing in 2022 is still likely to be a safer bet. It means you avoid all the headaches of red list destinations, PCR tests and possible quarantining. As well as perhaps rescheduling flights, parking and car hire. And Hotel Penzance has a beautifully relaxed cancellation policy. Book directly with the hotel and if you cancel up to 48 hours before check in your deposit will be refunded in full. For group bookings of five or more rooms, we operate a seven day cancellation policy.


Less hassle

Heading to Cornwall also means you avoid the hassle of flying. No having to get to the airport early, expensive parking and choosing which toiletries to cram into a small plastic bag. Just load up your bags, hop in the car or on the train, arrive and relax. And once at Hotel Penzance you won’t have to travel far for days out. You can see the sea from our windows, the sandy beaches of Mount’s Bay are only a few minutes’ walk away and we have a wealth of cracking hikes right on our doorstep.

Beautiful, exciting, greener and hassle-free - we’d choose Cornwall over Corsica any day.