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Use your £50 hotel currency every day, to pay for breakfast and/or dinner in our highly acclaimed Garden Bar & Restaurant, showcasing the very best in local Cornish produce. The re-furnished dining are with on trend foliage brings 'the outside in' and harmonises with the Ivy Chelsea gardens outside. The conservatory's large windows boast magnificent views of the coast, harbour and sparkling seas across Mount's Bay. The perfect backdrop to enjoy great food. 



Terms & Conditions

  1. This offer is valid for bookings made within its validity. The offer goes live on Monday, 11th September 23 and is valid if it shows on our website on the date and time of your booking. If the offer was valid on the day of your booking and not on the day of your stay, you will still receive your Hotel Currency.

  2. This offer entitles you to complementary Hotel Currency of £50 per day. You will be issued 5 vouchers of £10 each, for every day of your stay with us, which may be used for Food, Drinks, Parking, Laundry and other other Hotel services. The Hotel Currency cannot be used to pay for room/accommodation.

  3. You can use your vouchers individually or collectively to pay for above mentioned charges incurred in the hotel. No change will be rendered. For instance if you have a food and drinks bill of £25, you can either pay using 3 £10 vouchers or pay £20 by vouchers and £5 by your credit card.

  4. Vouchers are valid on the date stated on the voucher only. For instance if you are staying from 1o September to 12th September (2 nights), you will be issued 5 vouchers of £10 each for 10th September and 5 vouchers of £10 each for 11th September. The vouchers dated 10 September are valid from 12:00 noon of 10 September to 12:00 noon of 11 September, which means you may use the 10 September vouchers for dinner on 10th September and/or Breakfast on 11th September. You cannot use them thereafter. Similarly you cannot use the 11th September vouchers for dinner on 10th September.

  5. Vouchers are complimentary. They cannot be exchanged for cash, their validity cannot be
    extended and this offer cannot be combined with any other offer.